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To get this page rolling I’m just going to do a sketchy bio/purpose posting.

Just call me Maureen.  Or you can call me Mo.  Just don’t call me on the phone and try to sell me something.

I usually have an opinion on most every piece of news that comes along.  I come from a family of opinion sharers.  Like it or not, they said what was on their minds.

I’m a Jersey Girl currently living in San Antonio, TX.  I call the local paper The Distress Views.

I am a veteran of circulation and advertising newspaper jobs.  My ancestors were printing pressmen for New York City and area newspapers, including rotogravure (Family Weekly and Parade magazines).  That started with great-grandpa, back in the late 1800’s.

I married a newspaperman.  Our son also was in the newspaper and magazine game for a short time.

I’m still married -- happily.  I’ll keep him a while longer.

Part of my background includes writing a humorous food column for a weekly shopper.  Those columns included recipes.  I plan to post some on this site.  Look for “Mother Cupboard’s Comfort Corner.”

I also did my share of secretarial fetching and sweating.

I enjoy books and good TV programs.  I think most of this reality TV fodder is crap.

I love good music.  Naturally, my view of Rap music (?) is that they left out the C when they coined the term.

I also enjoy a bit of gaming.  And have been known to shuffle a mean Two-Step and a passable booty-shake in a club or two...or...

So now you know that I’m not exactly a 20-something.  However, I’m not toddling off to the rest home, either.

I’m fairly conservative.

I tweet.  I tweet-up.  I like it.

That’s pretty much what I’m all about.  Updates may appear from time to time.